How much will your works cost?

This is probably the number one thing you want to know. We’re here to give you an accurate answer fast.

Your project will be priced up by our very own inhouse surveyors and directors. Our prices are based on first class rates that we have created based on years of experience doing the works and our superior management and procurement skills, so you not only get a great price but a fair price.

Your project will be priced in two stages. 

Stage 1 – Guide Cost Calculator

In order to give you a guide price fast, IDH have created our unique Guide Cost Calculator that will take the sizes from your plans and apply a standard square meterage rate to build the shell and then add on guide costs for the items required internally so you can find out almost right away how much your project will approximately cost.

Once you have the guide cost, you can work out if you want to move forward with the project and move to stage 2.

Stage 2 – Fixed Price Detailed Description

Following agreement on the Guide Cost, we will give you a Fixed Price Detailed Description of the works quote. This is a full description of the project detailing all the works with quantities and sizes, so you know exactly where the costs are coming from.

This detail lets you know that everything has been costed for so there’s no hidden surprises. Engaging an external quantity surveyor to do this would cost you several thousand pounds however once you agree the budget IDH provide this for you free of charge.