New luxury 6 bedroom

Individually Designed Home



New luxury 5 bedroom

Individually Designed Home


New Homes

IDH are experts in Luxury Homes who really care and are proud of every project we have worked on.

Your Home If you have a plot, we would love to work with you to make your new dream home become a reality. Whilst every home needs a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, it’s the size of these rooms and how they all flow together, coupled with the additional space and details that make a quality home work. With our vast experience we can work with YOU to ensure your new home flows and works exactly as YOU dreamed.

Our Homes We design, build and sell our own Homes. The founders of IDH have built and sold over 200 homes, working on all different types of home styles, looks and construction. Our Homes put simply “Just Work”. They flow correctly, look great, are efficient and designed for their intended use.

Each home we build is built with the client in mind and we use the best design, details and materials to ensure our Homes are the best quality and finish in the market.

We are currently looking for a new location so keep watching this space for some new fantastic family homes coming soon!!