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Do I move or extend?

10 February 2021

The time is coming, you are going to be upgrading your home.

Do you move, extend or do you renovate? These are all questions everyone asks themselves

At IDH we say renovate or extend, why do we say that? Well you see the problem with moving…

Its always been built by someone else, and you just need to fit into it.

But if you take some time, get the right advice and plan out your own home…

You can make it EXACTLY what you need.

All you need is someone with the right ideas who has done this before…

For example, if there’s something you need more of.

Like kitchen space.

Or an extra bathroom.

So you’re not waiting on the toilet anymore.

Then you just make this work to your plan.

If you need another room for the kids, simple, add it to the plan.

You pick everything!

The size of the rooms.

The layout of the house.

How many cupboards there are.

Where the plug sockets go.

Where the light fittings are.

There really is no limit to designing & building your own space.

Have a look at this photo to see the potential of making your home exactly what you need!




This home was a bungalow based in Edinburgh, they had plenty space in the back garden and wanted a new living space for the family, we worked with them to design the space they dreamed off with a hint of modernness – with one extension we added a space for dining, living & home working. With the beautiful space added in they were able to make a stunning outdoor living area to relax in the summer too.

Let’s not forget about the STUNNING open plan doors!



If you would have decided to extend or design your own home, please get in touch so we can help make your dreams a reality!

Thank you,

The IDH Team