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Open book Pricing and another Industry first by IDH

How much is the right price?

This is the million pound question and everyone who has gone out to tender or for prices will know that the quotes can range severely from too high to too low and everywhere in between. This then makes choosing on price so much harder.

At IDH we offer a unique pricing system called open bookwhich basically means that we offer a guaranteed fixed price based on all works required that won’t go up. However, at the end of the project we show you the actual true net costs added with our overhead and profit and if this figure is less than the agreed quote then you pay the lesser of the two.

This means that you have no doubt that the price you paid is the correct price.

Insurance is very important and IDH Contractors All Risk Cover allows for every eventuality, giving you peace of mind that your home is covered by the correct insurance at all times.

Our quotes are fully itemised, quantified and costed so you know exactly what costs what, this gives you the peace of mind that all works are included and at what level. Again with our unique open book system you know that this is the maximum you pay.

If you have any works requiring to be carried out then call us to arrange a meeting so we can discuss your requirements and we will then produce your detailed costing.

Additionally, we can cost for all works or part of the works. Based on our detailed quote you can cherry pick which items you want us to do and whether it is part or all you can be rest assured that the quality of work will be second to none.